Motivational Monday ~ It’s all about the swag

This weekend was about putting together swag for my new upcoming release ~ Kick Start and a couple of blog hops I’ll be in this summer.  Finding/making swag is sort of like Christmas/birthday shopping for myself only I don’t keep the stuff.

Trying to decide on swag hasn’t been a problem, I usually make a list of possibilities when I’m writing the story and then refer back to it for different events.  I like to come up with something that relates to that story. I don’t give away a lot of swag so when I do I want it be related to whatever I’m promoting.

Sooo here’s a sneak peak what I have on order for Kick Start (coming soon)….

I have these on order... in Kick Start they drink Bat Bites, it's about motocross, and I thought they'd be different

I have these on order… in Kick Start they drink Bat Bites, it’s about motocross, and I thought they’d be different

And for Tide of Love, I’m giving a set of nature notecards and bookmarks (Tide of Love is currently available – if you buy copy before the hop let me know and I’ll send you set). Aislynn, a mermaid turned human, not only is trying to figure out human emotions and stop a serial killer BUT she’s also is trying to stop human destruction of a friend’s homeland.  The cards and bookmarks tie in with that the environmental subplot of the book.

For Take a Risk I’m giving away travel sets of Into The Wild by Bath & Body Works (now available – if you buy a copy before the hop let me know and I’ll enter you into the drawing).  Leigh is tired of her ‘boring’ life so she decides to take a kayaking trip down the Amazon… let’s just say things don’t as plan 😉

I’m still tossing a couple of ideas around for Spike, my HOT volleyball story.

When I get everything together I’ll post a pic of all the booty…. But until then I’d love to hear what is some of the best swag you’ve seen authors give? If you’re an author what has been some of your most effective swag?


One comment on “Motivational Monday ~ It’s all about the swag

  1. I love the shot glass!!! I will be entering & crossing my fingers to win one (I love shot glasses even though I don’t drink due to taking blood thinners). I generally like swag that I can use (pens, notepads, etc) but I love unique items too. One of my favorite authors, Kallypso Masters (who writes BDSM romance), had giveaways for these evil sticks that looked cool.

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