Two for Tuesday

Today’s two are two things I do when I’m not writing or reading. (I consider them related activities and blogged about the marriage of writing and reading a couple of weeks back.) I believe everyone needs something that is a sharp right from what they do ‘everyday,’ even if you love what you’re doing, like I do writing. However, I need something that uses the other parts of my brain or I feel like I’m becoming a robot.

As a sufferer of shiny object disease, many things grab my attention for a hot second but then fades as another one replaces it. While I think trying new things is great… I didn’t find this rejuvenating. Actually, it drained me. So a couple of years ago, I decided I needed to develop two hobbies I would stick with while chasing others.
They are (1) crocheting – not knitting… can’t knit, it stresses me out something about having two pointy objects pointed toward my eyes (shudders) makes bad mojo for me. Here are some of the blankets I made… I donate them to Linus Project.
blog 001

stuff 002
(2) Photography – so to speak. I love to ‘take’ pictures. I have NO delusions I’m a photographer. I generally take pictures of the world around me. Last week I featured some of my pictures and how they play into my writing. I also use them for my blog header/background and on facebook. But that isn’t the purpose, it’s what I enjoy.



What are some of your hobbies?

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