Writer’s Wednesday

Writer’s Wednesday – Writing a project???
I’m currently taking an on-line class offered by Savvy Authors – Project Management for the Creative Soul. Now at the recently ended day job, I had projects dropping out of my ears so I really hesitated taking this class. I didn’t want to look at my writing as a project. I wanted to enjoy it and everyone knows you don’t enjoy projects… they are work, they require organization, and they aren’t fun.
Writing is a project. Yes, I needed to consume mass amounts of M&M’s when I finally realized this. Please no comments on me being blind to my nose on my face – my family reminds me enough :^} The amount of steps you have in your writing project will differ from mine but we all have them.
In the class I’ve come to realize my steps are far different from my classmates… again no need to point out I always move to my own beat – again the family has that covered. For the plotters a large amount of the project time will be spent doing whatever plotters do. For me this is a two-step process.
#1 – grab baby name book (LOVE 100,000+ baby names by Bruce Lansky)
#2 – grab the notebook I’m going to keep ‘notes’ in. IE the characters names, when I pick them out, their eye color as I write it, ect. Now as a shiny object note here – I do tend to spend some time thinking about the notebook style. Will it be a journal? A spiral notebook that I decorate to fit the theme of the story? A sketch book with pictures and notes??? Here are some examples of notebooks I’ve covered
014writing 001002
Now that my massive planning stage of the project is over I can start writing  Because my planning is on the ‘light’ side my writing tends to be slower. The writing stage of my project has A LOT of steps….
So while I bulked at the idea of viewing my writing as a project, now that I do I think it has helped me settle into a rhythm. Because as my projects at the day job were managed far differently than administration or my co-workers liked none could argue with the end result. The same is true for my writing.
How do you view your writing??? Is it a project or this mysterious thing that forms through the layers of fog?


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