Motivational Monday

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I spend my day looking at him... life is hard :)

I spend my day looking at him… life is hard 🙂

Today I’d like you to meet Zareb Rykerson…. He’s my hero in my current WIP ~ the 1st book in a 5 book series. Zareb is a guy driven to do the right thing only sometimes he forces the ‘right’ thing into his personal cookie cutter.
I’ve met people like Zareb. They swear by what they are doing because it’s the ‘right’ thing. Only they fail to see to that what may have started out as the right thing has been twisted to fit their personal agenda and it is no longer the right thing. Zareb wants to find the succubus who killed his father. The right thing, right? Only he’s become so focused on this that he has decided the heroine is controlling the succubus and she must pay.
The read between his lines for pleasure is what Cyrena, the heroine must do. She has to figure out who is really controlling the succubus and why Zareb is obsessed with this particular succubus.

Zareb is interesting to write because of desire is a good one and yet he’s let it become warped over time because of his frustration. Zareb is also probably the most developed hero I’ve ever written. Cyrena has to fight to keep main stage. Usually in my books, I need to keep kicking the hero’s butt to get him out of the shadows but Zareb is all about the limelight. After all he needs to bring a succubus to justice.


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