To-Read Tuesday

It’s a new month and therefore kick-off to a new theme of reading. It ties in great with the blog hop I’m part of starting July 4th (warning – shiny object ahead). There are awesome prizes to be won… check them out!!!!! And I have swag for ALL my summer theme books that I’ll be giving away 🙂
summersizzle ipad

swag #1

swag #2
Back to the original purpose of this blog… What I’ll be reading for the month of July. When planning my themes in January, I knew when I came to July it had to be a summer theme. July is the only month I didn’t have to work at the evil day job. Sooo I took a wild curve to the left and decided I’d read books with the word summer in the title. Yup, I’m crazy like that 😛
Here is what is on deck so far:
Secrets of a Summer Night – The Wallflowers series – Book 1 by: Lisa Kleypas
Hot Summer – The Hot Caribeean Love series – by: Judy Powell
Summer Lovin’ by: Donna Cummings
The Pieces of Summer by: Wanda Brinstetter
A Man for the Summer by: Ruby Laska
I’d love any suggestions you have for great summer reads.

Make sure to stop back

Make sure to stop back


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