Writer’s Wednesday

Today I’m sort of self-promoting… bouncing ideas so to speak. I’m going to do a class – Settings, The unexpected twist. The focus of the class will be how to use settings in ways the reader will not expect. I plan on using a lot of pictures as prompts. This is currently the format I’m thinking of…

Here is what I think happens....

Here is what I think happens….

For example, fog usually means bad things are lurking. Or provides a standard setting for horror/paranormal/fantasy scenes.
But what IF it provides cover for two forbidden lovers?
…the hero brings the heroine here to propose marriage. He’s a CIA agent and needs to figure a couple of things about what’s going on with an investigations. Her mother is really ill so she has wanted to keep their relationship on the down low. The fog can be used as cover for a lot of things. The serial killer tracking the hero. The jealous sister who knows the minute the heroine gets married she’ll be left with caring for their mother fill time. Ect.
Or IF maybe the hero wanted for the fog to roll in to ask the heroine to the bridge because waiting on the other side is her birth mother. He leads over to the woman, the heroine has spent the last six years searching for.
The ‘homework’ assignment that would go with this lecture would be to pick one of the three pictures and come up with two ways the setting could be used in an unexpected way.
Now of course this is a ‘light’ version of course material but based on this snapshot ~ I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE thoughts on this set-up.
AND don’t forget tomorrow starts the…

Make sure to stop back

Make sure to stop back


One comment on “Writer’s Wednesday

  1. I like it! Newer writers don’t always realize the setting is a character in a book, or should be. This sounds like it will make them think about *why* they’ve chosen the city, the suburbs, summer or winter, rain or shine. I have to admit to not intentionally using it in unexpected ways. See, you’ve got me thinking now!

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