Hump Day Hook Wednesday

humpdayhookWelcome this is my first week being a part of the Hump Day Hook Wednesday…

This snippet is from my current WIP… the first book in the Lumen Series. Each book centers around one of the five witch families that rule the non-human world. This is from Rowana’s POV, a witch who must battle a demon to save her village in 1524 and her lover. She’s a ‘good’ witch sho uses love to fuel her magic but her descendants have sort of taken to using other emotions to fuel their magic – lust, anger – which puts the family in danger. The majority of the story is told from Cyrena POV, a distant granddaughter, who has her hands full… a few glimpses of those will be forthcoming 🙂

Rowana moved across the rough wooden floor and wrapped him in her arms. “You are the bravest man I know. You are strong enough to claim me as your lover even though it has caused most of the village to reject you. On a moonless starless night with a fierce winter storm raging, you travel to my hut to ensure my safety. You are the reason my magic is as strong as it is.” She kissed his neck. “Come to my bed and love me. Make me forget for a time of what awaits us.”

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