Motivational Monday

Career vs Hobby. This is something I’ve swayed back and forth on concerning my writing. First, of I do view my writing as a career of sorts (I’m diligent about the quality of work I turn out and calling myself a writer aspects of writing) but give it hobby status in my life scale. Meaning the no-longer day job came first. Then the general household ‘things’ – evicting dust bunnies, slaying the laundry monster, etc.

Now as far as hobbies went, writing was my first priority. BUT it had a priority of a hobby. No that day job no longer exists; I have to make a decision. Do I move writing to that slot? More important can I? Can I make myself write even when the laundry monster’s roars are shaking the house?
When the deadline on the call for the WIP I’m working on can I push all other things aside and push through? Before I had the
‘I’ll sub it somewhere else’ approach.

So why this deep probing for this Motivational Monday? I took some GREAT classes – on marketing, creating a career plan, on body language, etc – this weekend at the MFRW’s summer camp. And one thought kept circling back, “when will I have time?” I realized that if I’m going to move my writing up to the day job slot, I need to give it that priority.
Sooo my question is for those of my fellow writers, how do you shove aside the ‘hobby’ status and make it a ‘career’? How did you get the fam on board?

Dez thought racing in motocross was the ultimate high until he met Jada

Dez thought racing in motocross was the ultimate high until he met Jada

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