Hump Day Hook

This is from my paranormal/suspense ~ Tide of Love.
Aislynn is a mermaid – now human. She has a lot to do while human, find and stop a serial killer, save her woodland sprit friend’s homeland, AND experience sex. This Hump Day Hook is of Aislynn talking to her friend while at a bistro about her upcoming date with the uptight divorce lawyer Finley.

“I saw so many things on the internet I want to try,” Aislynn said. “And I’m not sure how long I get to stay here. I know Kale says I have a week, but if Neptune appears tomorrow, I have to go back to Atlantis. I need to get all the moaning and orgasms in I can.”

“That’s it, sweetie,” a woman standing near them with short gray hair said. “You go in there looking for pleasure. Demand it.”

Thanks for stopping by for an excerpt of Tide of Love ~
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