Hump Day Hook – Give Away

I’m excited to be part of the Hump Day Hook give away. I’ll be giving away one of these cute white boards and a five pack of dry erase makers. The board has wild thing on it and goes with my hot summer story Taking a Risk…

DangerousMen_TakingaRisk[1]writing scenes 016

Leigh is a person who enjoys routine…until she signs up for a kayak trip down the Amazon…then it becomes all about Taking a Risk.

Time to begin the seduction. “The temperature is climbing,” she commented, hoping she didn’t sound dumb. Being a tease wasn’t something she’d ever done.
“There are several bottles of water packed in ice in the hatch behind you.”
“Thanks.” She pulled her shirt off and turned to open the hatch. Women often wore the style of sports bra she had on without a shirt but she never had. She felt her breasts were too large and honestly, she’d never had courage.
Now she hoped her gut was right and Nick found her sexually appealing or it was going to be a very disappointing seven nights. Stuffing the shirt in the hatch, she turned and opened the bottle of water. While his jaw wasn’t in the river, it was hitting the side of the kayak and she couldn’t be positive but she thought he moaned.
She bit her lip to keep from smiling. If only Rayna could see her know. She was about to have sex with Tarzan.

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8 comments on “Hump Day Hook – Give Away

  1. Steamy! Sounds like a fun story, and a nice reminder that many of us could stand to break from routine and be a little wild. Though kayaking down the Amazon might be a bit too wild for me, even if it came with my personal Tarzan…

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