To Read Tuesday

I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite reading places. Now I can read almost anywhere… sitting in the car waiting, in the doctor’s office waiting, and the ER (which I’ve visited enough over the last 2 weeks with hubby they know our names on sight). But if I plan on taking some time and read there are a few spots that are my ‘favorites.’
During my weekend reading retreat I spent most of it on my front porch wrapped up in fuzzy blanket (because it was only in the 50’s and rainy). But if the weather allows I like to sit outside in the summer months under my favorite tree. And if I need to ‘escape’ the dust bunnies, the laundry monster, and everything that demands my attention, I pack a backpack and walk to a little used park about a mile from my house.
Here are the pics of my favorite places…

Don't judge our lack of grass :)

Don’t judge our lack of grass 🙂

The rocker was a gift from my grandmother... love it!!!!

The rocker was a gift from my grandmother… love it!!!!

My park escape...

My park escape…

There are places I can’t read (or write)… the coffee shop and the local Barnes and Nobles… for example ~ I can’t resist the urge to people watch. Also I can’t read in bed. Once my head feels a pillow under it my brain instantly thinks I need to go sleep 🙂

What are some of your favorite reading spots?


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