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I hope you’re enjoying the fifty plus authors and bloggers have joined together to give you the chance to win an awesome bundle of books as well as read some great posts 😉 Be sure to go to each blog and comment with your email to up your chances of winning. Each comment counts as an entry!

I’m giving away one of these awesome shot glasses….

Dez and Jada drink Bat Bites :)

Dez and Jada drink Bat Bites 🙂

I love the summer. Hands down it’s my favorite time of year. All but one of my books/novellas (a Christmas story) happens during the summer months. My latest release, Kick Start, part of the Hot Rod Hot Bod anthology (available at is about Dez, a motocross racer and Jada, a motorcycle stunt woman. These two characters were AWESOME to write… everything about them was hot.
Here’s a little excerpt…

Jada shrugged her shoulders and started down the down the bleachers but Rose grabbed her arm. “He’d want you to tell him. Even though it will mess with his mind. He knows you’re working in the area so he’s been trying to come up with a reason to show up on the set.”

Jada turned and looked at Rose. She didn’t want to think about the flip her heart did at the other woman’s words.

“He’s dragged Cody to a different bar every night in hopes of running into you. So come on.” Rose brushed by her.
Jada felt like a teenage girl going to meet the school’s super jock as she followed Rose. What would she say? Hi Dez, I masturbate every night to the memories of our lovemaking. She finger-combed her short hair and reminded herself that she was simply going to say congratulations and nothing more. There would be no hooking up.

…. Or so she thinks 😛

Make sure to leave a comment on all the blogs you visit for a chance to win

Make sure to leave a comment on all the blogs you visit for a chance to win

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10 comments on “Summer Lovin’ Blog Hop

  1. Congratulations on your newest release, Kick Start! It sounds like a perfect summer read. Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

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