Motivation Monday

This weekend was CRAZY!!! I did two blog hops back to back here and then one on my ‘nice’ twin – young adult writer Tasarla Romaney – something I’ve never done so today is allllll about getting caught up on the loose ends of those.

First….drummmmmmm AND the winners are dddddddd….

From the Summer Lovin Blog hop –
Grand Prize – vampiremistress2010
Grapeapril75 won my Kick Start swag

From Ella Jade’s Birthday Bash blog hop –
Book Attict won the grand prize
Joy F won the Spike swag

Second… my son moved across the state and started his ‘I’m done with college job’ – woo hoooo.

Third… I needed to spend some time looking at the calls different publishers have out. I like to do my novella writing for specific calls. BECAUSE??? I need to start refining my writing que for 2014 (eyes roll back and breathing becomes labored as panic sits in). 2014 folks!!!!! Crazy. I found a couple of calls that do look interesting so this week I need to finalize what my que is going to look at. Now of course, there will be changes as different stories sell and don’t sell. And as different calls are released. But if I don’t have a ‘basic’ road to travel down, I write nothing. I just hop for plot bunny to plot bunny.

As a sneak peak to a new series that I’m working on that will include Kick Start… it’s about men and women who are involved extreme sports or life just takes them there 😀

Meet Hays…He ice climbs for fun and rescues stranded cross country skiers, those setting out to enjoy the winter wonderland on snow shoes, and of course, maybe just maybe a top-rated female snowboarder 😛

I'd let him rescue me...

I’d let him rescue me…

ice climbing

This is his idea of fun 0_o












What are some of the things you plan in advance for?


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