Saying Good-bye

Two for Tuesday
summerAs sad as it makes me I do believe that summer is quickly ending… Ole man winter is already dating Mother Nature (this is not a good hook-up). So as I pick out my fall nail polish (I’m leaning toward Opi’s Muir Muir on the Wall) and stalking the clearance rakes for mark down flip-flops, I thought I’d share for this Two for Tuesday some of my favorite summer two’s.

Favorite two things to do:
#1 – spending time at the beach
#2 – writing (due to the ex-day job – I would do most of writing in the summer months)

Favorite two summer foods:
#1 – Strawberries – I don’t care where they come from in the winter NOTHING can beat a fresh Michigan strawberries (strawberry shortcake is my favorite way to eat them)
#2 – Brat burgers – sadly since I’ve been on the diet train for the summer I haven’t been able to enjoy these as in years pass

Favorite two summer drinks:
#1 – Strawberry shortcake martini – whipcream flavored vodka, cake flavored vodka, and a splash of strawberry pop – need I say more???
#2 – Big B’s Chocolate chip frozen Latte 🙂

Two best 2013 summer events:
#1 Daughter (who is in the Navy) received State side orders and will be in CA for 2 years. Much easier to visit when an ocean and the dateline isn’t included
#2 Son #1 finished college and has a ‘done with college’ job

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite summer things are…


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