Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop

Sexy athletic bodyWelcome to my stop on the Hot Summer Hero blog hop!!!

I’ll be giving away swag to three winners randomly picked from the comments. Swag will be from my three summer novella’s (Spike, Take a Risk, and Kick Start) that feature Hot Heroes 🙂

What makes a hero hot???

I thought I’d list my top five ‘hot hero’ features:

1) They all have killer eyes. I dated a guy in high school with the most amazing green eyes and they say you always carry a part of your first love with you (shhh don’t tell my hubby) so that characteristic always makes it into the book.
2) I tend to write my heroes from a more ‘ground’ level than a ‘super’ bad ass level but they tend to have a little more edgy career – never the military type of thing. In Taking a Risk, Nike does extreme vacations that include kayaking down the Amazon. In Spike, Brody is a top ranked professional beach volleyball player. Then in Kick Start, Dez is a motocross racer.
3) They are also willing to admit when they have screwed up. Matter of fact that is Brody’s (Spike) main goal, to make Rae understand he knows that he was an ass.
4) A sense of humor. Robert Downey Jr. is a perfect example of the type of humor I love my heroes to have.
5) Accepts the heroine as she is… I’ve read a book recently where the hero was all about changing the heroine and in the end she did conform – realizing it was better. I’m not talking a dangerous habit – ie drinking, drugs – I’m talking about her personality. In this book the heroine liked to roam the mountain side and tend her gardens, the hero found this dangerous and unseemly. In the end, she planted everything near their house. To me this made the hero not an alpha but a jerk. I like my hero and heroine to come to the table on an equal foot and then it’s about accepting the other as is.

So those are my five hero traits. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a comment so you have a chance to win my swag and the grand prize.
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Dez and Jada drink Bat Bites :)

Dez and Jada drink Bat Bites 🙂

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19 comments on “Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop

  1. I have a thing about eyes too, a sparkly green or crystal blue are my faves. As for number five I don’t like that either it’s actually one of my pet peeves when reading.


  2. My hot hero is my fiance she is the most amazing women a guy can have, She has been their for me through thick and thin, supporting me, loving me for who i am and not for what i have. That is a hot hero to me someone that looks at you for who you are not for who you aren’t.

  3. My perfect hero is tall, muscular,confident,loyal, Alpha,bad-ass, intelligent, protective, vulnerable and majorly damaged — but ultimately redeemable!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  4. What a great blog hop I love Alpha males who are strong and protective. Thank you for the great giveaway!
    Latisha D

  5. Hi! Its all of it, but mostly actions. For me, i love an alpha hero, someone brave, protecting there own, helping, and i love a bit of cockiness. And they have to have a bit of humor! And how the heroine reacts to him. I love the first meeting between characters, especially when its explosive! Thank you for sharing and for the awesome hop & giveaways!

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