Does the big “R” mean a failure?

I received a rejection this last week. So do I delete the story and never write again? No. It’s hard because our stories are a part of us. For the mothers out there – it’s like someone telling us that one of our babies suck. But that may not be case.

There are several reasons a story could be rejected…

1)    The overall theme doesn’t fit what the publisher had in mind for the line. That doesn’t mean it’s not good it’s just they are looking for chocolate ice cream and you have strawberry ice cream.

2)    If you sub it to be a part of an anthology — it could have been rejected because your voice is too close to a piece that’s already been accepted. (This is why they rejected my novella)

However… the piece could need work. If the rejection comes with ‘reasons’ why (unless it was #2 like mine — can’t change that. They like the novella but already had one with a similar storyline and another with the same ‘voice’). Read them AND think about them DON’T obsess about them. Do they fit in with your overall picture of the story? Would they enhance the story? THEN maybe consider making them.

I’ve had suggests that I thought made my story stronger so I made them but I’ve also had suggests that I totally disagreed with. One of my books there is an ‘intended’ rape scene (the bad guy tells the heroine exactly what he has planned) but the hero rescues her before it happens or even comes close to. The publisher wanted me to have the heroine raped. Then deal with the aftermath… Nope not for me. My writing is ‘light-hearted’ in I stay away from social issues. I couldn’t even begin to think about how I would write a heroine that deals with a rape in a ‘light-hearted’ way and five hundred pages (and that would be on the light side) of emotional healing isn’t what ((I)) want to write.

As a writer I know rejection is a part of the ‘job.’ But in the words of Megara from Hercules. I’ll be alright. I’m a big tough girl. I tie my own sandals and everything. So what does that mean? I had a SMALL bag of M&M’s – without guilt – and kept working on my current WIP.


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