First Meetings…



This week’s Hump Day Hook is from Ticket to Love ~ my sweet historical suspense romance.

TicketToLoveCoverArt72dpiAfter Sara’s death Isabella is forced to Sara’s train ticket to escape the same fate. She quickly learns life in the Colorado Mountains in 1896 isn’t at all like that of Chicago.

Samuel sent Sara the ticket after a year of corresponding, he expects a sweet Irish girl to step off the train. One familiar with ranch life but what he gets instead is a dark haired wildfire that knows nothing about country living.

Here is when Samuel first meets Isabella/Sara…

“Samuel. Glad to finally meet you.”
He stood staring at her hand. “I thought your hair was red?”
“It is in the right light,” Sara stammered, hand still extended.
Samuel looked up at the bright cloudless sky and arched an eyebrow.

Thanks for stopping by  the rest of the Hump Day hooks can be found here ~

Ticket to Love is available from Desert Breeze Publishing ~


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