Motivation Monday

It’s in the beat…jamming

For me music is a motivational tool and I listen to it almost all day. But different music has different effects. Some provides excellent back-drop as I write but I want something altogether  when I’m doing the evil exercise program (pumping the beats on Iheartradio).

I love their Iheartradio theme stations! When I write my blogs (this one, my ‘nice’ side blog – or guest blogs) I usually listen to Disney Movie Soundtracks.

I use to put together playlist for each of my WIP. Something that conveyed the characters but now thanks to Iheartradio, I choose a couple of artist that play the music that fits the story or a play a theme station. I still usually have one song that I think sort of ‘sums’ up the entire story. For example, for Kickstart – it was Flo Rida – Wild One (if you haven’t heard it and want to check out the video If I was having trouble with a scene, I’d click on the youtube video and listen with my eyes closed.

For my current WIP (which will be do done this week), I listen a Celtic Woman theme station.  And the theme song is Lana Del Rey (whom I LOVE – she is my go to station) Dark Paradise (

At night while I read, I have Nature’s Bounty on 🙂

The funny thing about my obsession with music – I have NO ability. Honestly, turning on the radio is where it ends. Because I’m surrounded by music all day, I’d to hear any suggestions you have.


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