Tasty Tuesday

A trip around the world

I recently read a great blog post by Suzanne Rock – The Hamster Wheel  ~ http://suzannerock.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/budget-romance-the-hamster-wheel/ (today she has some SIZZLING and great excerpts).

It got me to thinking about ways I’ve ‘paused’ the hamster wheel because sometimes stopping it isn’t really option.  I generally used food in some way to apply the break to the hamster wheel so I thought I’d share with you for this week’s tasty blog.

aroundOne of my best efforts was a trip around the world. With an entire tribe of kiddos an actual trip was out of the question as was buying exotic food. BUT chicken is a mainstay so I made chicken in different world dishes. Here is a link to different chicken dishes from around the world ~ http://www.recipe4living.com/articles/19_chicken_recipes_from_around_the_globe.htm, I don’t remember where I found my recipes but I thought several of these looked good. To enhance the dishes, I bought table decorations at the dollar store (I kept the trip budget to 5 dollars a day and often used less), or rented a movie (we watched ¡Three Amigos! During out trip to Mexico – cheesy yes but it made us laugh – the goal of the week), or we’d play a game (while hanging out in Egypt for the night we played Basra a card game we fell in love with and continued to play long after our trip was done). Of course, there would be music from whatever country we were visiting featured at some point (like I said yesterday it’s an obsession).

The goal of the week was to try something different and provide a break from the hamster wheel aka life. It was a great success the kiddos looked forward to a new experience each night.

I’d love to hear about any breaks you have from life… especially cheap dates for just me and hubby. I’m still struggling with ‘we’re a tribe’ thought pattern.


One comment on “Tasty Tuesday

  1. I love the chicken around the world idea! What a great way to break up the routine. I’m on this health kick, and it’s hard eating healthy when your kids keep asking for desserts. I went and bought a healthy smoothie book (Skinny Smoothies (http://www.amazon.com/Skinny-Smoothies-Delicious-Drinks-Weight/dp/0738216003/). Every night for dessert I make 2 servings of a smoothie and split it among the four of us. Then we all decide whether or not to give the smoothie a star, so the smoothies get rated from 0-4 stars. I only did it for 2 nights, but so far, it’s been a hit, and it’s much healthier than cookies. 🙂

    Now you’ve got me thinking about chicken. I’m going to have to try that idea… 😉

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