Hump Day Hook…



How desperate is desperate?

Jax is a single minded guy – the prefect example of a all work no play sort of guy.  His best friend and sister are worried about him so they use a little ‘blackmail’ to get him to go a Halloween speed dating event. The outcome? Love and murder 😉

“Listen man, this is a win-win deal. You go meet some hottie and make a little Halloween magic so you won’t be strung so tight for your opening. And Aimee can stop worrying about her brother becoming some recluse eating out of garbage cans.”

“Before you said it was stamp collecting,” Jax snarled.

“Actually, that was six months ago. I didn’t want to tell you she now has you living in the glades with a pet alligator coming out only at night to dine from dumpsters.”

“I’m not that bad.”

Erik arched an eyebrow and handed him the flyer.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by! For the rest of the wonderful Hump Day Hooks



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