Where do the ideas come from????

I know some writers cringe at bad reviews or rejections. To me this is a reader or editor that prefers Snicker candy bars and I write peanut M&M’s.  So while I’m sad they don’t ‘love’ it, I know it is all part of the business and can move along.

My biggest fear is that all the plot bunnies will run and hide where I can’t find them! Just last week, I was presented with an opportunity to do a short novella for an anthology. I would have loved to be a part of it but… not ((1)) plot bunny hopped along. YIKES!!!!

Oh plot bunny... come out of hiding I need a story

Oh plot bunny… come out of hiding I need a story


So where do I go to find the plot bunnies? I have several ‘tricks’ I use to lure the shy little bunnies out. . I know some writers exercise to coax plot bunnies out – doesn’t work for me mainly because I HATE exercising so I’m focused on how soon will I be done. I have three ‘carrots’ that will usually lure a few plot bunnies out for me to play with.

(1)    Character file. This is a manila file folder where I store pictures I’ve ripped out of magazines or printed of the internet of ‘interesting’ looking people. I find if I take the file and sit somewhere quite several of the ‘characters’ will shout at me – “hey, I have a really cool story. Let’s tell it.”

(2)    I have several decks of tarot cards and an oracle deck. I select several cards at random and then I begin to write down what elements I want to include in a story.

(3)    Pictures of scenery. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I take a ton of pictures of places I’ve been. So if I can’t lure a plot bunny out with 1 or 2 then I shuffle through my pictures looking for a pivotal scene setting.

I have examples of how I use all 3 over on my ‘nice’ twin’s blog: http://www.tasarlaromaney.wordpress.com if you want to see an example of how I use them.

I’d love to hear from fellow writers on you coax the plot bunnies out.

One comment on “Where do the ideas come from????

  1. I might have to steal your ideas, Lyncee. I like I’m perpetual fear of my ideas drying up. It hasn’t happened yet but the idea that it might scares the heck out of me! My ideas usually come from one theme or word. E.g. Borderland Bride started all because I wanted a communication barrier so I made my heroine mute for a while, poor love!

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