Hump Day Hook



This is from the WIP I’m currently do the last edits before submission on. I’ve posted from this before. Cursed is an urban fantasy. The heroine is Cyrena, a witch from a minor family in the non-human world. Zareb is a human who has been appointed by the Council (the most powerful of the non-humans) to keep peace between the non-human and human worlds.

Trouble is ‘brewing’ in the non-human world as the power is shifting between the five witch families and Cyrena finds herself in the middle of it.

“How would you know where William Brair spent his time?” Zareb snarled squeezing the steering wheel and locked his jaw.

Cyrena threw a M&M at him. “Yes, we were lovers. Oh say ten years ago.” She laughed. “Hardly something for you to be jealous over. Whoever took him knew we had history. And they know we are currently involved.” She sat back in the seat. “Someone has been watching me – for a long time.”

Zareb saw her shiver and knew it had nothing to do with the temperature in the car.

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