Motivational Monday – A new sexy hero

A new hero on deck…

I love creating characters. Like I said in last week’s post, I have entire file of characters hanging out waiting to be picked. This hero is for my Witch series (I’m currently planning on four books). I have the heroines already ‘developed’ (for a pantsers that is) but not the heroes. As I wrap up Cursed, I needed to set up for Hunted (book 2) so I needed a hero.

To my ‘bad ass’ male character file I go. This is daunting way to spend a morning – flipping through pictures of rugged handsome men 😉 Now I sort of have a foggy image of what Cain will look like. Where Zareb was sort of laid back, Cain is all alpha and will give Aryanna a run for her money from the first sentence.


It’s going to be hard spending a month with him – cough cough

As I’m drooling – oh wait I mean looking – at the pictures. I come across a couple for a character on a daytime soap opera (I have NO idea if he is still on the show — it was during my very young 20’s when I had a house full of kiddo that I watched the show so I’m talking serious years ago AND NO I still don’t watch daytime soap operas…now it’s the food channel).  Cain 2 This guy is everything I pictured Cain to be. I rarely use movie/TV stars because their roles often interfere with ‘my’ role for them but everything I remember about this guy is what I want Cain to be. Edgy, flirting on the dark side of the law, and sexy.

And because every bad ass alpha needs a bad ass ride I found this ‘little’ truck for him. So when Hunted comes up in my que, I’m ready :0)

Cain's Ride :)

Cain’s Ride 🙂


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