Hump Day Hook

From the WIP, I’m wrapping up… This week’s hook is a snippet of the scene that introduces the hero and heroine from book 2 in the series. Aryanna is a witch like the heroine in my current WIP but where the Zareb is an appointed peacekeeper Cain is a cat shifter. Book 2 will continue with the struggle to save the human race.




Ayranna rolled her eyes and told herself she should be put out by his crude manners not turned on. It had to be the stress of the situation. “I understand it’s your cat nature to want to fuck every female you encounter but if you could stay focused I’d appreciate it. It’s sort of important.” She stepped closer. “Unless of course you wish to have your entire species destroyed.”

Cain pushed off the tree and closed the space between them. “Understand this witch, I wish to stop what is in play as much as you but I will not be your whipped toy. So pull the stick out of your ass. It’s not my fault she’s more powerful than you.”


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New Release :0)

New Release :0)

Danger was what Jada Anderson and Dezmond Blance thrived on. They thought flying through the air on a dirt bike was the ultimate high.  Until they fell in love….then they find themselves racing against a murder.

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