Looking Ahead…

Tomorrow is October 1st. Not only the beginning of a really great month but also the start of the year’s last quarter. The signal it’s crunch time to complete yearly goals. This last quarter is fueled with Halloween candy, slowed by Thanksgiving gorging, and overshadowed by the Christmas craziness.

As I look at what I set as ‘writing’ goals a deep disappointment fills me. I’m not even close. So I took some time this weekend to shift through them and see what I wanted to focus on and what I would be moving to the “pending ” list. While doing this I had to fight against the urge to wallow in self-pity and not to binge on M&M’s and wine. First, I had to accept things are what they are. Second, to beat myself with a wet noddle and cry into a bowl of ice cream wouldn’t get anything done. Third, I have big girl panties so I needed to put them on.

While I didn't get it all done... I am moving

While I didn’t get it all done… I am moving

I did finish Curse!!! The longest book I’ve written to date. Novellas tend to be more my writing style. My shiny object disorder usually sits in before I can finish a full length book and starts taunting me with sexy new heroes and sassy heroines so I consider this a major leap for me. I can do it :0) So that will not be on my list of last quarter  to-dos.

What is??? I have two series that I’ve dabbled with in the past and they were on my yearly to-do (I was to complete them and sub the 1st in each series but that’s not going to happen). Add that to the Curse series and I have three series in my writing que – yikes!!! The Cupids in Trouble series is the one I decided to work on along with the witch series (Curse) for the rest of this year. The Kringle Series will have to wait until 2014.

Also I have two novella ‘idea’ series that I want to do a story a piece on.

So those are my writing goals for the remainder of 2013.  Do you set goals? How often do you reevaluate them?


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