Hump Day Hook



This will be the last Hump Day Hook from Curse, my paranormal series. It’s finally FINISHED!!!! woo hoooooo. This hook has Ayranna who is actually the heroine in the next book in the series. Her and the hero (who I featured last week on Motivation Monday) mix about as well as oil and water as you can see from this…


The smell of fuel and exhaust fumes were giving Ayranna a headache. They had pulled into the truck stop for a quick refuel before continuing on their last leg of the journey. That had been over forty-five minutes ago.


Another one of your lovers?” She spat as Cain slid his cell phone into his jeans pocket. All cats had multiple lovers and as alpha of his clowder, she knew he would have least two.

“Jealous?” Cain smiled. A totally disarming gesture that created dimples in his cheeks and made his crystal blue shine. “We could discuss the possibility of hooking up. I usually don’t stray from fellow shifters but a little variety is always good.”


Thanks for stopping by 🙂 To keep continue with the rest of the great hooks ~


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