Books are a uniquely portable magic ~ Stephen King

Books are a uniquely portable magic ~ Stephen King

I have to be honest, when September rolled around and I saw had ‘assigned’ non-fiction as the reading focus for this month I was less than excited. First, I questioned my sanity after all how many self -help books can one person read??? Second, while I’m Eleanor Roosevelt was an amazing woman, I really just don’t want to read 300 pages about her – sorry, I’m just not that.

So making a reading list for September was a challenge but I do have to say I truly enjoyed most of the books I read. Changeology was the only self-help book I read.  I read some journaling books and gained some great ideas for the journaling workshops I’m leading this winter 😉

I read two writing craft books neither of which I was excited about :/

After HOURS searching Amazon’s non-fiction, I finally decided on a few. It’s hard for me to do non-fiction because historical non-fiction doesn’t interest me and because of my no-longer day job of working with serve emotional impaired kids, I do NOT read child abuse survivor stories so my selection is very narrow.

I read a couple of James Herriot’s books, a book on American Indian Mythology, Inventions (for a steampuke book I have brewing) and a couple animal fact books (for a romance suspense book that involves animal smugglers).

What are your favorite non-fiction topics to read?


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