Book Review

rapneAre you looking for a story that will allow you to escape for a couple of hours and share the troubles of two people while they seek their HEA? Let me recommend Rapunzel – Demon Tales 4 by Kerrianne Coombes.

At the time I read Rapunzel, I hadn’t read the other three books in the series. While the characters from the previous books were mentioned, this is very much a stand-alone. Warning: It will make you want to go back to read the other three.

Promises were just words—cruel, painful utterings to make the speaker feel better.

“Everyone breaks promises,” Chloe said with more venom in her tone than she thought she could muster.

“I don’t break mine…” (Blane’s reply).

This is the character bases of the book. Kerrianne Coombes does an excellent job with character growth in Rapunzel. Chloe’s growth as she comes to realize that her view on promises is not true is amazing and how she comes to realize her own personal worth very believable. Blane’s character has more of an internal growth – he has demons so to speak 😉 (He is a demon) and has to make peace with those before he can commit to Chloe even though they are mates. Their road to a HEA is one filled with missing bridges over bottomless ravines.

The pace is excellent. At times I forgot the bag of M&M’s I had sitting next to me I became so involved in Chloe and Blane. Rapunzel is a unique twist on the fairytale and more than enjoyable read.

Rapunzel – Demon Tales 4 is available at



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