This weekend was filled to the brim with non-writing activities. It’s rare I can’t spend anytime writing/editing or planning the next week’s blogs. Occasionally, I’ll plan a weekend or extended weekend off to recharge but this past weekend wasn’t planned so I feel behind the eight ball to speak today.  AND of course, I have two looming deadlines. I need to polish a short romance novella and get it to the editor by the 27th.  The next in the adrenaline junkie series is due in November and currently it’s no more than a bare outline. And I have my two space operas that I’m currently working on.

I struggle with two aspects of projects ~

1) the beginning and

2) the ending.

Now I can rock out the middle. I’m not one of those writers who get the mid-way blues ie I’m sick of my characters. The fear that makes starting and end a project is the same – what if this sucks??? I think this fear is partly what keeps me from becoming a plotter. If I spend all the time working up a detailed outline, I would have myself convinced that it’s pure garbage. I’m usually about 1/3 of the way in before I can stick my tongue out at the fear. Then it’s smooth sailing until I hit the last 1/3. Then fear returns loaded for a war. I almost always stall completely out at this point. After a few days of moping thinking that all the time I spent writing on this WIP was for nothing, I put on my big girl panties and get a share size bag of M&M’s (that I have NO intention of sharing) and finish it.

I’m still in the beginning stages of my space opera novella and novel. So last week was slow going but by the end of this week fear will be lurking in the corner waiting.

What did do instead of writing??? Spent the day Saturday with the cutest 2 year old in the world – my grandson Charlie.

He didn't like the idea of rolling his pumpkin down the hill

He didn’t like the idea of rolling his pumpkin down the hill

We're making cookies for daddy after the pumpkin roll

We’re making cookies for daddy after the pumpkin roll


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