13 Thursday

Since Halloween is next week, I thought I’d do 13 Thinks I love about Halloween.

  1. The reason I go so big on Halloween (besides it’s a guilt free pass to eat candy) is that it’s the last holiday before I start my hibernation. I hate the cold – no wait, I really really loathe the cold.
  2. The great movies. I’m not a big slasher movie fan but I love a good Halloween movie. Among my favorites – Hocus Pocus, Young Frankenstein, and Johnny Depps – Sleepy Hollow
  3. The fun treats to make! Like these green monster treats – super easy and cute (Here is the link http://www.ricekrispies.com/recipes/green-halloween-monster-treats)

    Isn't guy tooooo cute??? How can you not love a day that gives you this????

    Isn’t guy tooooo cute??? How can you not love a day that gives you this????

  4. Candy. Candy. Candy.
  5. A night of fun. It’s a great time out from life. Seeing the uber cute kids dressed up makes me smile.
  6. Halloween music. The Monster Mash, Witch Doctor, . How can you listen to these and not smile? Let’s not forget the Trans-Sylvania Orchestra’s Music of the Night – awesome
  7. The tons of ‘haunted’ activities. Love the local haunted corn maze and the trail of terror.
  8. I can black and orange fingernail polish with skeleton leggings and NOT be goth.
  9. I get to carve a pumpkin – this year it’s the headless horseman.
  10. I get to toast and eat the seeds from the pumpkin I carved.
  11. A day of crazy food. Worms (thin sliced hot dogs) on fingers (dough pretzels), troll snot and boogers (vanilla pudding with chocolate chips), Kitty litter cake, etc.
  12. Witch’s Brew Apple Cider – aka adult cider
  13. The last reason I love Halloween ~ it’s just plan fun!!!

 Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to hear some of your favorite things about Halloween


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