Not following the rules…

I hate following the rules. A rarely leads to B in my world. Heck 99% of the time I don’t even start off at A. My hubby often says “Oh, that rule is for everyone but you right?” It’s not that I think we don’t need rules/laws and that I’m above them. I just need to understand that there is a valid reason for it. Like while I love to drive over 70 I understand that roaring by schools at 75 is not a good idea nor do I.

The lack of rule following holds true for my writing. Yesterday, I just finished my short suspense-romance novella. The plotting/planning for this WIP? I picked names and a place and started writing. The story morphed in my head at least four times while I wrote it.  I’ve tried the plotting/planning thing. Really I have. But my mind just isn’t wired like that. I become bored and disinterested and every story I’ve tried to plot and plan has never taken off.

For the longest time, I honestly believed I couldn’t call myself a writer if I didn’t do some sort of plotting. Even the articles that promote non-plotting ways of writing has the writer do more planning than I do.   So again I would try to force myself into the writer cookie cutter…and fail. This was a sad circle that led to a lot of M&M’s being eaten.

Finally, I stumbled across yet another ‘writing without plotting’ article. Only this one was different. Apparently, Stephen King does NOT plot!!! He starts withOUT an outline!!!! He has NO scene list.  A big sigh of relief.  It’s amazing that I still need that validation but I did.  I need to remember that we all have a slightly different beat that leads us through life (mine happens to be the Banana Boat song and I love this video clip of it from Beetlejuice ~

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