This is from my short suspense romance novella that I just finished. I’m still working a title. Heather and Max go hiking in early May to celebrate their second wedding anniversary. Well nothing ruins a hot weekend in the woods like a couple of dead bodies….


may-2013-001.jpgThe muffled voices had alerted him that he wasn’t alone. It would be odd to encounter anyone along this path at this time of the year which is why he used it. The Rangers were too busy getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend. He needed to be loaded up and gone by then.


Dropping his load on the ground and shoving it under some undergrowth, he slowly continued down the trail. The bone handled knife resting in his left hand – just in case. It would complicate things if he had to kill them. He hated complications. Rage instantly filled him causing his ears to ring.


 Thanks for stopping by! To continue ~ Hump Day Hooks


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