Motivation Monday….

Last Monday of the month this means a recap…

Things finished in the writing world~

(1)    A suspense romance novella

(2)    The Christmas Space Opera

(3)    The full length space opera (while it’s not complete, I do think it will be by Thursday so I’m going to list it)

Writing goals ~

(1)    Blog regularly on both this one and the nice me (Tasarla Romaney) one – done.

(2)    Update Website – nope L I’m really questioning keeping it

(3)    Write an average of 3k a day – yup

(4)    Work on promo opportunity – L – nope. Nothing materialize that I had in the works

Personal goals ~

(1)    Stay on the diet train only getting off at the Oktoberfest depot ~ close enough I’m saying accomplished.

(2)    Evil exercise program 6x a week for at least a 21 mile weekly total ~ yup 😀

(3)     Do a blanket for the Linus Blanket Project – nope L

(4)    Track spending with coupons to see the proof that endless hours (or what feels like endless hours) cutting along dotted lines is worth it. An average of 39% savings – so I see a lot of paper cuts in my future.

Reading goals ~

(1)    At least 4 books in month’s selected genre (horror/romance horror/hauntings – basic Halloween stuff) – done

(2)    At least 4 young adult books – done

So that’s October… Now on to November. I’m going to do a NANO novel as Tasarla. I need to get that part of my writing back in motion. I’ve been gone too long and I miss it.  But I haven’t decided what I’m going to tackle on the adult side… so far no characters are screaming at me.  I just learned last week that I’m getting back rights to several of books so I’ll need to spend some time getting them ready to re-market.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by 😀


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