Halloween Scare & Giveaway

I love Halloween so I’m doing a giveaway for today, Friday, and Saturday. Leave me a comment or your scariest Halloween story and I’ll have the random monkey pick a winner for a $5 Amazon gift card.


Would you enter??? My scariest Halloween story takes place in a 'haunted' house

Would you enter??? My scariest Halloween story takes place in a ‘haunted’ house

When I was a teen, I went to a haunted house in a nearby town with some friends from my vocational class. On the way there, the guys kept telling Mary, the other girl with us, and me stories of how women had been abducted from the house – never to be seen again. So to be safe, we should stick real close to them (remember we are dealing fifteen/sixteen/seventeen year old hormones and thought patterns here). Mary and I shrugged the stories off and went into the haunted house by ourselves.

 The first room we enter is the ‘sinking floor’ room. They had a sand and foam mixture on the floor so with each step you felt like you sinking. During my teens years I wore clogs (besides boots they are my second go-to shoe to this day), and one of them ‘sank.’ I’m bent over trying to retrieve my shoe from the ‘sinking floor’ when I feel hands on my waist. Thinking it’s one of the guys I’m with, I reach back to shove his face away…it’s a hairy demon mask.

 A deep voice, that I don’t recognize, growls, “What’s your problem?”

 Instantly all the words the guys had said flood my brain. I scream (remember I’m 15 here) and try to break away. For some reason the worker holds on to me. A man with his two young children enter the ‘sinking floor’ room, I grab a hold of the stranger’s shirt and beg him to help me – crying. Not to let the demon man kidnap me – taking me to the depths of Hell.

The man ushered his kids through who were scared shitless. He turned to me and said you’re a great actress. I screamed pleading for his help again. He nodded and smiled. Now the demon man is laughing and one of the guys I was with returns. Demon man let me go and I leapt into the guys arms. The workers continued to torment me through the rest of the house

I went home missing a shoe, the guys picked on n me, Mary picked on me, and to this day it was the scariest haunted I’ve ever been to. Now people have told me that demon man probably thought I was trying to destroy the ‘sinking floor’ not realizing I had lost a clog and the workers had no idea what the guys I was with had told me and I silly teen girl that screamed at EVERYTHING.

So that was the Halloween I was the scared the most. I have a Halloween suspense romance novella ~ Knock Knock. And who doesn’t love a pirate especially on Halloween – Treasure Hunt.

A Halloween suspense romance

A Halloween suspense romance


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! 

A female pirate for a Halloween read??

A female pirate for a Halloween read??


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