Motivational Monday

For today Motivational Monday, I’m sharing something from this weekend that reminded me that all combinations can work if I as a writer put in the effort. Sometimes as a writer, I want to sink into the ‘easy’ hero/heroine pairing. You know the ‘I don’t want to be a hero. I’m too damaged’  paired with the ‘I can’t love a man because then I’m weak’ combo. But Saturday I was reminded sometimes the odder the combo the more interesting.

The highlight of Saturday’s Brewfest (besides unlimited Bell’s beer) was the band. A two guy act – playing the harmonic and the acoustic guitar. Now you might think this would limit them to songs such as Johnny Cash – Lonesome Whistle (their opening song) but NO they followed that up the Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker (1st time EVER hearing that song done with lead harmonic) that led into a Bob Dillon song and because everyone knows that  Buckets of Rain is the prefect bridge into Kid Rock’s Born Free that came next.

Did I mention that while the guy on the harmonic was playing he was throwing signs??? Even while performing the Johnny Cash song??? A bit confusing and made me wonder about his mental health. But after Kid Rock’s song it all made sense. He threw the harmonic down grabbed the mic and started to rap out Lil Wayne’s Drop the World (the explicit version).

Now while most of the crowd was confused by this eclectic set of music, my muse was stroked. Whipping out the notebook I carry in my purse, I outlined two scenes for my current WIP. Or course, one features a bar scene with this duo.  And remembered – step outside the box – it’s interesting there.

In truth, the array of music they performed didn’t confuse me as much as what conversation did they have to that led them to become a band??

Guy #1 “Hey, I play a f*cking great harmonic. And do some gangsta rap.”

Guy #2 “I can almost carry a tune and will sing ANYONE. I jam it on an acoustic guitar. I think we should be a band.”

Guy #1 “This do this f*cuking thing.”

So what has been the strangest combo you’ve seen?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day.


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