Tibet Tuesday

The song says it all…

This month I started two new writing projects. One is my NANO project a young adult fantasy and the other is a hot adult paranormal.

Regardless of what I’m writing music is key to my writing process. Not planning /plotting but the actual butt in seat typing.  Music does a few things. One it pulls me into the story, creating the mood and second it blocks out ‘life’s little noises’ (aka my hubby banging around). Creating a playlist for my writing is similar to creating a movie soundtrack. Often I several playlist for one WIP, a general background list, a ‘sex’ music for hero and heroine, and antagonist music. I do an antagonist playlist if he/she has a POV because I find that it helps me in creating a different voice for that character.

I’ve shared that most of my books have a theme song.  The one song that sort of ‘sums’ up the book for me. Death Wish is no different.  Amberlee is going to die and the fates have granted her a final wish… Well, just say things get complicated when the wish granter falls in love with Amberlee.

Angels On the Moon by Thriving Ivory (here is the link to the youtube video if you are interested ~  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWcXuu16ttc) is the song for Death Wish.

Do you have a favorite song that instantly creates images in your mind?

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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