Hump Day Hook



This week’s hook is from my current WIP – Death Wish. It’s a sizzling hot paranormal. The heroine Amberlee James is scheduled to die. The fates have decided that the ‘good’ deeds, she’s done have earned her a death wish. Joel, the hero, is the granter of final wishes who has been assigned to Amberlee. Things start going south when he realizes that he’s attracted to her – very attracted…

This hook is where Joel ‘official’ introduces himself to Amberlee.

              “Amberlee Maria James?”  His face hardened and his voice chilled.  The temperature in the room seemed to drop and Shifter growled from the door. 

            “Yes,” she whispered.  He’s a serial killer or an insurance salesman.  Just my luck.  Why did I invite him in? 

            “Let me properly introduce myself.  I’m Joel, the Granter of Final Wishes.  And you have one last wish before you die.” 

            The pale blue room spun as Amberlee grabbed the edge of the counter and sank to her knees.  He is a killer.  I’m going to die.  Amberlee closed her eyes. Why did he have to have such a great ass?

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