Reality check

It’s a start of a new month AND reality has punched me in the nose. It’s the last month of the year which means double crunch time for me. Not only do I have my ‘normal’ goals but I have a holiday AND I need to wrap up all the dangling loose ends. Let me tell you my plate is full!!!!!

My vision of a writer's life... endless hours on the beach sipping strawberry shortcake martinis

My vision of a writer’s life… endless hours on the beach sipping strawberry shortcake martinis


The reality of being a writer

The reality of being a writer

The couple of months I allowed myself to chase shiny objects has caught up to me and bit me in the ‘you know what’. While I love writing and love doing it on a full time basis without the day job, it is an entirely different road than any I’ve ever went down.

One thing I miss about my day job is the personal interaction. I have ‘on-line’ writer friends but there is no writers (fiction, nonfiction, how-to, animal stories, children’s stories, anyone that makes a living writing) that lives close to me that I can actually see and talk to. There aren’t any writer groups in my area, the closest one is a 2.5 hours away.

Another big difference between writing full time and the day job is the time commitment. There were peaks in my day job when I would have to work 55 – 60 hours (testing times, state reporting, etc.) but that is a normal writing work week. I have found I actually have more difficultly squeezing in a life around my writing schedule than I did my day job.

Now I’m not whining (okay maybe a little) because overall I’m a happier person. But as I look at what I need to do – not necessarily goals that I’d like to hit, like losing another 15 pounds, but things that HAVE to happen in order for me to have any chance of making money – ie sales, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed. This is another BIG difference from the day job – there is no one that can help. I can’t ask someone to write the last 2 chapters of my current WIP so I can focus on edits.

In the months that I have been writing full time, the sparkle has faded and reality has set in. I’m still struggling to get my feet under me. There are things I haven’t mastered yet – a routine, balancing promo and writing. BUT as I roll into the new year, I’m doing what I love – playing with imaginary people. 😀
Have you ever chased a dream? What did you learn about it and yourself?


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