Finding Reading time…

As a writer, reading has many forms. Some for research (i.e. the articles on keeping spiders as pets, the most dangerous spiders, spiders found in various regions – yes, this was research because I personal HATE spiders but the killer in my current WIP has a thing for spiders), some for improving my craft, some for critiques, so it’s often hard to fit in ‘pleasure’ reading.

I love to read! And I know it benefits my writing. Last year I assigned each month a ‘reading’ focus. I think this did increase my

Books are a uniquely portable magic ~ Stephen King

Books are a uniquely portable magic ~ Stephen King

reading because I had to read at least 2 books in the assigned focus. Besides that, I …..

1. Make Reading a Priority
In most every case, you can make time for what you truly want to have time for.
2. Always Have a Book Handy
I keep a few books I’m working on reading through different parts of the house, my purse, and my car. That way, if I have a few minutes of extra time, I have a book handy to pick up and read.
When I’m headed out the door for an appointment, when I’ll be riding in the passenger seat instead of driving or when I’m going anywhere that there’s a potential I might have some “dead” time, I bring a book along. Sometimes, I don’t even get to crack it open. Other times, I end up having unexpected waiting time and finish half the book!

3. Set Reading Goals
I’ve been amazed at how much more I’m reading when I have clear-cut reading goals in place. Like reading at least 2 steampunk books in addition to any other books that grab my interest with a 3 book a month minimum. I don’t do weekly goals…
This year I’m going to ‘try’ to post the books I’ve read on Pinterest. I have avoided Pinterest with the same diligence as a person would the plague but I’ve been repeatedly told that it’s wonderful….
4. Turn Off the TV and deleted Candy Crush
I’m not a big TV watcher but I did donate HOURS to Candy Crush… I don’t even want to think about the total.
5. Listen to Audiobooks
I do this while crocheting or working one of my other Linus Project blankets unless I need to focus on the pattern or I’m ‘cooking’ on a writing project. But you can listen in the car, while you’re folding laundry, while you’re exercising… any time your hands are busy but your mind is free.

These are five things, I’ve done that has increased my reading time. I’d love to hear any of your suggestions/tips.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend 😀


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