Monday News

The first Monday of the New Year and hope it’s not a foreshadow of what is to come 0_o. Wind chill advisory and snow warnings. It’s so cold dog doesn’t even want to take a walk!!!

I’m excited to have started to start a new year… regardless of the weather. 

On the writing front, I started a new suspense romance WIP (A Spider’s Christmas) that is going great. Here is my new hero (yea, it’s hard looking at his picture ;p )….


Meet Vin – he has his hands full with a serial killer and a head strong artist

I’m also working my young adult fantasy.

I’m rocking my personal goals – I joined the 2014 items in 2014 challenge. My kiddos are off making their own wonderful life BUT I still have a TON of stuff. Time to down size. I achieved the first week’s goal. I donated/threw out 38 items and repurposed one time. It was a scramble game that some of the tiles were missing from. (Daughter and I love love love to play word games). I’ll post pictures of the projects – they are drying – later this week.


Besides thinning out my ‘stuff’, I realized that time management in 2014 has to be a major focus for me. I need to ‘thin’ out the time drains and focus on what I need to get done. I never really ‘reprogramed’ my brain after leaving the day job. With the lack of ‘hard’ deadlines and ‘real’ demands on my time, my shiny object tendencies over took as I told myself – I have ALL day to do that. Well, all day never rolled around – dang it. For January, I’m focusing on the dread part of procrastination (this holds hands with the 2014 challenge – there is a reason I have stuff in boxes – I hate/dread going through them). I’ll spend 1 hour a day tackling a ‘dread’ zone. I have it mapped out so NO Excuses.


I decided to continue my ‘monthly’ focus reading in 2014. For January it is ‘new to me authors.’ I’m reading The Summoner (book 1 in the Chronicles of the Necromancer) by Gail Z. Martin (I received the series as Christmas gift) and Parallel Attraction by Deirde Knight on my Kindle.


How is your new year going???? Are you all rocking your goals???


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