Monday Monday…

It’s Monday… time for a little accountability.

As far as my 2014 Items in 2014 challenge… I stayed on target there. I went through my MASSIVE book stash. My goal was to cut it in half which I did 😀 I kept my true favorites and donated those that I ‘might’ want to reread (yup, I love to revisit my favorite books for different reasons which I’m blogging about on my ‘nice’ me blog – Tasarla Romaney).

Here is picture of the coasters I made from the repurposed Scrabble game. I also made a collage for my current WIP which I’ll have on Wednesday’s blog.

My repurpose project for this week is book markers made from craft items.

scramble coasters



My new authors for the week are Brian Krittell and L.T. Ryan…ltBrian Kittrell


I didn’t meet my writing goal :/ Instead of throwing myself a self-pity party (although the thought of doughnuts was tempting), I applied some of the no-longer day job thoughts. Why didn’t I? Was it truly unavoidable??? Nope, just a reminder that my time management skills haven’t converted to my writing.

The absence of irate students and administration as my time management motivation have been replaced with writing about him…

He's the hero in my current WIP

He’s the hero in my current WIP




I’ve continued to read about establishing time management skills and this week’s focus was developing keystone habits. I personally called this the ripple effect but keystone habits does sound more ‘grown-up.’ For example… the 8 hours of sleep leads to …

  • Becoming more productive each day
  • Reducing the consumption of junk food
  • Having more time to exercise
  • Improved communications with your spouse because you’re not cranky

(I found this info in What are Keystone Habits)  I don’t require 8 hours of sleep but I need 6. If I sleep 8, I’m like a couch pillow, I just can’t seem to ever wake up. But getting 6 hours of sleep isn’t giving me a more productive day, I need a different keystone habit. I need to figure out what keystone habit will trigger my writing focus.

My grandson knows sleep in important...

My grandson knows sleep in important…

What keystone habits do you have? Ones that guarantee you will accomplish the things you need to with ease.



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