It’s a GOAL!!!

I have found that keeping track of the ‘small’ wins or even the ‘almost’ wins can often spur me on to bigger things. Last week was on mark J I made my writing goal of 3k every day. And did at least 5 pages of edits.  I was deathly ill (like couldn’t drink wine sick) so my blogging suffered but something needed to give and I decided that was the place to fit in the throwing up. I have recovered and enjoyed my first glass of wine in 4 days last night. So I’m excited to see if I can maintain the motion from last week.

The different ways of tracking the details for my current WIP has really nudged me into a more productive path.

BUT the two things I’m realllyyyy excited about last week are my couponing efforts and my ‘re-purposing’ project (I fell a little short on the getting rid count).

Here are two pictures of from couponing success (as I said I track the small wins.)


My best haul of the week – $45 dollars and spent $9.00!!!! I love love love Bath & Body Works.

My FREE haul of the week :D

My FREE haul of the week 😀












And here is last week’s re-purposing project

DSCN0111 DSCN0112

Now the guidelines are you are to re-purpose an object that you already have into something USEFUL – not maybe I’ll need it someday – but I have a need for it RIGHT now. This is an old play yard that is NOW a cozy reading den/quiet time place for my grandson. Also one of the rules is that you are to spend no money on the project… I broke it. I couldn’t help myself. He LOVES Cars… however!!!! I did find the material on clearance so all total I have under $10 invested so I’m still considering this a success.



How are your goals of the new year’s going????


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