Writer’s Wednesday

The Inheritance…

Beth Larkson thought the neglected the farmhouse she’d inherited was a nightmare – that was before she found the serial killer’s graveyard in her backyard.

The Theme aka The story compass

The theme keeps me from  loosing my characters down a rabbit hole :D

The theme keeps me from loosing my characters down a rabbit hole 😀

All my stories have a theme sometimes it’s apparent but other times it’s a backdrop more of a compass for me. Last week I shared the story board I had started for The Inheritance, this week I thought I would talk about the theme because in this story it is a front player.

For The Inheritance I used a tarot deck for character development (I’ll talk about that next week) and for the theme. While ‘brewing’ the story, I chose three cards to use as possible themes.  The four of cups, the king of swords and the tower. I did a little brain storming on all three card and decided the tower is an ideal theme card for this WIP – it sums everything up nice and neatly.

The tower upright means ~ Disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation.

I don’t just use the meaning of the card but also the picture on card.

The Tower4 cups

king of swordsThe man and woman falling represent my hero and heroine being thrown off their game, while the lightening bolt and the number 16 both relate to my serial killer. I haven’t decided how the crown fits in but I’m sure it come to me.

These four words are a snapshot of everything in Beth’s future. The first chapter sets the upheaval into motion which leads to a sudden change that brings about a shocking revelation that brings her almost to disaster.

I placed the tower card on my story board and printed out disaster, upheaval, sudden change, and revelation to add to it. By making these elements center on my storyboard, I ((hopefully)) can avoid random dead end rabbit trails.

These four elements influence both my hero and heroine’s GMC. While the tower is much apparent in Beth’s life, it is also the driving force in Duncan’s life. He’s already been through the upheaval, sudden change, and disaster elements, it will be the revelation that shakes him up in the story.

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