Avoiding Ruts…

Wish my life ruts involved tropical beaches and tons of money...

Wish my life ruts involved tropical beaches and tons of money…

I can’t imagine there being anything in life that wouldn’t seem routine after a while. Now some I would think are better than others. For example, I would rather be in rut of writing on my porch in 80 degree days than huddled around my laptop for warmth because it’s 1 below without the wind chill.

While in each story I write, the characters are different and their stories vary, it’s still writing. I’m still going to have to cruise the internet looking for pics of a hot hero…

He's the hero in my current WIP

Believe it not… sometimes I just don’t ‘feel’ like looking for hot nearly nude guys ;P


Yes this person needs to die but how???

I can’t use another bloody knife…

Decide how I’m going to kill people (real life seems to provide me enough annoying people that I don’t need to search for victims)…

While I LOVE writing hot sexy suspense romance as I’ve said before sometimes it’s harder to do than my no-longer day job.  I don’t have impatient students, administrators, or co-workers to make sure I keep plugging forward when I sink into a deep rut. I know several writers go to local coffee shops because the change of scenery helps them but for me it just gives me different shiny objects to stare at.  Sprinting (writing a set amount of words in a certain time) does help me but sadly I haven’t anyone in the same time sphere as me so this is a hit-and-miss rut buster. So far I haven’t found anything but pure will-power to climb out of this rut.

While this works for me, I think most would view it as a problem

While this works for me, I think most would view it as a problem

Another area of my life that I often find myself trending mud in is answering the age old question ‘what is for dinner?’  Now for this one I do have rope that I can throw to haul myself out of the bog. Years ago I started a menu system where I made about ten weeks of favorite dishes. Because I have the attention span of an underdeveloped two-year-old, I don’t follow them as I intended but when I realize that I’m making spaghetti for the fourth time in two weeks (spaghetti is my favorite go-to dish) and can’t think of anything else, I dig out the menus. Sure enough there at least six or seven dishes I haven’t make in several months. Wham… I’m out of the rut and my hubby doesn’t have to eat spaghetti again.

So what are some of your rut busters?


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