Writer’s Wednesday

I don’t always use tarot cards for character development but it does keep me from settling into a ‘rut’ (Monday’s topic) of just the standard GMC. It also forces my muse to stretch some of her muscles by using not only the meaning of the card but also the elements in the picture. Tarot cards are also in my bag of tricks to avoid writer’s block.

When using tarot cards for character development, I use the same method as with the theme. I draw three cards and use the one that best fits the general idea of the story. Some of the character traits that I developed from the are listed. I didn’t reveal them all in case someone wants to read this when I’m done 😉

Here are the character cards for the Inheritance ~(I did the theme card last Wednesday)

Not only does the meaning of the card work for this character but so does the name

Not only does the meaning of the card work for this character but so does the name

The Emperor ~ The serial killer (can’t reveal his name because it’s a surprise)

This card signifies inner control discipline, willpower, and the need to have a grip on his world, and an awareness of impact he has on others. A strict code of ‘self imposed’ ethics. He does feel that he is the one selected to rid the world of evil. The ram heads one the chair play a key factor in the story as does the ball in his hand.

The Devil ~ Beth

While my heroine isn't a 'devil' she has several she needs to deal with - personal and real

While my heroine isn’t a ‘devil’ she has several she needs to deal with – personal and real

The Devi doesn’t actually represent the devil or evil. It means feeling enslaved or trapped by someone or a situation. It also represents feelings of feels frustrated, enraged, and angry by uncomfortable situation. A person who keeps emotions bottled up. Feels thwarted at every turn. All of these fit Beth. There is A LOT of symbolize in the actually picture that radiates with this story in this card BUT to share them all would give away elements of the suspense.  The actual devil – represents the serial killer and both their past. The number 15 is also a key factor in the story. But that’s all I’m going to share 😉


The fact this isn’t a ‘major’ card in the deck doesn’t lessen it’s importance in my story

The Two of Cups ~ Duncan

Restores balance and resolve conflict. About relationships. Lovers, professional, friendships, and family. From the actual card… the hero and heroine represented each offering a ‘cup’ to each other. The things in their cups are their issues that have kept them from having a meaningful relationship. Of course the snakes and lions head play into the story.

I’d love to hear about a favorite character of yours (as a reader or writer) that had a ‘surprise’ twist in his/her development.


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