What’s dangling from your stick?

I need to finish The Inheritance TODAY. So I can start before submission edits next week. Since I don’t have anyone waiting for this story, I have to come up with my own motivation. Dangling from my stick??

My reward :D

My reward 😀

Yup donuts. I hate carrots (and celery) so even if I wanted to do healthy it would never be those. As I’ve read about creating new habits and changing behavior patterns, one of the key steps is sitting up your rewards. Now some habits have their own ‘carrots’. Exercising regularly will allow me to wear jeans instead of yoga pants.

It’s stressed that you should select rewards or carrots that are beneficial so that you compelled to continue this new habit or behavior. I know that donuts aren’t good for me but I really don’t care, I need to finish this story so gets the job done. I’ve tried ‘good’ rewards to force the words onto the paper. Things like getting my nails done or a new book. While I enjoy both of these I didn’t review them as ample rewards for finishing a book of 80k. Food is my ultimate reward and comforter, hence the need for a lifetime ticket on the diet train. Since I have removed all donuts (one of my favorite indulgences) from my life over a year ago when I boarded the diet train they now are a special ‘carrot.’

While finishing a book is part of my ‘job’ and it’s part to be a writer without doing it, I also thinks it needs a ‘carrot’. When I finished a major project at the no-longer day job, I would reward myself, so completing a WIP falls into the same category in my way of thinking.

How do you determine what things you reward yourself for? How do you determine the reward?


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