Motivation Monday

Life is not about waiting for the

storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain”.

Vivian Greene

This saying really summarizes my outlook on life. I use dance as a reference to deal with many things. I would tell my students from the no-longer day job that they needed to learn to dance with their demons.

I tell my kiddo’s to put on their dancing shoes when we’re working out a problem.

I say it’s time for my characters to tango meaning they need to have sex. Some days I waltz through while others I struggle to tap my foot to the beat.

I've been know to sing or scream while dancing - depending on the day :D

I’ve been know to sing or scream while dancing – depending on the day 😀

The key to dancing through life is that you can never sit a song out. There are days I’m just not into the tempo. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to clean my house. I don’t want to cook dinner. Instead of pulling my fuzzy blanket over my head, I do what is called the zombie shuffle through the day.  I’ve known people who have decided to ‘sit’ a song out and never rejoin the dance of life :/

When my kiddos were still at home my playlist was somewhat the same from day to day. The world of writing has a very unique playlist that changes A LOT. Sometimes the beat is break neck. Edits are due, a story has a deadline, and I need to write three blog post. Then there are times it’s slower than a vampire’s heartbeat – no edits, no deadlines, waiting on nothing, and only rejections – and those are the times I want to sit down. But I can’t. I need to push through – to dance.

I use this dance analogy in my writing. I love Kelly Clarkson’s song Stronger. When developing a major character, I ask myself what demons does he/she have to dance with? What hasn’t killed her but made her stronger?


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