Motivation Monday

Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through. –Cinderella

To be totally honest, February was a bust >.< I meet none of my goals. There are several things contributed to this. The brutal weather is taking it’s toll. I don’t do well in sub-zero weather – mentally or physically (asthma and 17 below don’t play well together). If Spring doesn’t come along soon and kick Ole Man’s butt, I’m very likely to morph into Jack from the Shining.

I swear I'm one glass of wine away from becoming this...

I swear I’m one glass of wine away from becoming this…

I also had a slew of personal crap to deal with in February. For the month of ‘love’ there wasn’t much of it in my world.

The only thing I can say is thank goodness February was only 28 days.

Soooo it’s a new month, a new start. AND I’m ready. Shamrocks and leprechauns decorate my windows, my tables, and desk. My nails are an amazing green – Oceans from Revlon.  Now I know to really get myself out of the ‘winter blahs’ it’s going to take more than decorations and nail polish but I also do know that giving up isn’t a possibility. And every little thing helps.

As a writer, I create. I need to create a ‘better state of mind.’ To do that is to gain control of my life. So I begin March in about the same place I did February. Instead of letting myself dwell on the waste of 28 days, I’m going to push forward.

What are some of the ways you defeat the ‘blahs’ and regain control of your life?


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