What I spent February buried under…

The last full week of March. While it was a much better month than February on both a personal and professional level, I still had tons of crap to deal with from February. It was as if I spent February drowning in a sea of donuts, I had all the weight and sugar coma to deal with this month.

On the personal front, I’ve boarded the diet train…snuck off the diet train…boarded the diet train but then it was buried under an avalanche of Girl Scout cookies. Well, you get the idea but as of 6 am this morning, I was back on it.  And the weather as crept to the point that I can once again start taking Dog on the evil exercise program.

On the writing front, I made my writing goal 78% of the time. So while I’m still way behind on my year to date goals (because of the doughnut hole known as February), it was a step in the right direction.

I’m also planning on a big push this week. Did some ‘pre’-cooking this weekend and spent Sunday night getting my blogs ready.

I’m hoping to end the month on a high note. It has been a struggle to keep pushing myself after February, I was ready to stay submerged in the doughnuts. But thanks to my family and friends, I didn’t.

Hope everyone has a great day and enjoys the last week of the month (and if anyone sees Spring could you send her to Michigan? We need her here.)



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