Teaser Tuesday

This is an edited teaser from my HOT sci-fi – The Imposter. It’s next in my edit before submission que.  This is the opening scene with the hero – let me introduce you to Flynn


The feathers of a dart brushed Flynn’s arm.

“Shit.” He veered to his right and felt the child’s arms go slack.  “Damn it,” he muttered reaching behind him to catch the girl before she hit the jungle floor.

“You are in the process of stealing property which belongs to the Entramer Neuf Empire.  You will be put to death.”

Flynn flipped the unconscious child over his shoulder.  His heart frantically raced to keep up with the pace he set. How many times would his heart pump the blood his legs needed for the death run? Silently, he prayed for one more time.  Leaping over rut, he pressed the remote button to the hover craft.  The grumble of a motor struggling to start filled the air. “This isn’t the time for you to moody.”  He grunted, “Fire, damn it.”  More darts whirled pass him as he pushed the ignition switch again.

“Hey, Flynn how’s it hanging?” The buzz of a hovercraft filled the air.  “Taine was worried about our cargo.  And I see for good reason. Why is she dangling over your shoulder?”

“They darted her.”  He shoved the child over the metal rim of Rakrin Davo’s craft.  “Think this flying dish will carry us both?”  Flynn asked as he eyed the ship, flames pulsed from the duel exhaust, so both of the engines were operational.  “Mine isn’t starting.”

“Gage did a quick hop job. This thing will blast us to the next planet if need be.”  Rakrin smiled.  “Besides with me at the stick, what could go wrong?”

Flynn snorted as he climbed aboard.  “I’ve had enough excitement for a one day.  A smooth trip back…” The hell hound broke through the large fern leaves interrupting him.  Acid saliva dripped from massive jaws instantly killing the plants it landed on.  Three beady red eyes focused on them and it snarled bearing large yellow fangs.

“An unsatisfied date of yours?”  Rakrin asked.  “I told you that you needed to stop hanging out in those inter-planet bars.”

“Actually, she mentioned something about you fathering her last litter.”  Flynn slide across the smooth copper surface to the back of the craft and pulled up the laser cannon.

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